The River Awakens Me

The River Awakens Me

The softness of the river currents gently leads me to a place of refuge, unraveling a whirl-a-gig of scattered thoughts into silent wisdom. With eyes closed, I shift from outside light to inner brightness, and I listen to the water rippling over the pebbles at the shore’s edge, replacing the clatter of disturbances from my outside world. I feel the movement of the river carry me down stream as I lie on my back on my raft built for one. Tranquility settles into my entire being.

The River Awakens Me
I open my eyes and find myself in a new place. Looking upward I see a glitter filled night sky, yet around me as bright as day, I am surrounded by the exquisite beauty of my inner sanctuary revealing to me who – I AM.

In the middle of everywhere and nowhere, the landscape of Earth’s nature has replaced civilization. Trees as tall as 2,000 year old redwoods and lush forests populated with creatures, big and small, meandering through the thicket, captures my full attention observing their life without interference. A slight wind brushes against the trees sending scents of the freshness of life’s goodness as I breathe in deeply. Thick snow covers the mountain tops and the water is almost freezing to the touch, but I am not cold.

Up ahead is a clearing and sounds of rushing water become more prominent as I near the opening of this vast area. The forests have disappeared and I am surrounded by massive waterfalls crashing into the river, but my raft is not affected by rapids and gushing river waves. Waterfalls produce monstrous roars but I hear only subtle sounds of a creek side. Every drop of water, that is thrashed out of the river, sparkles as the brightness within me creates prisms of color through them. The misty waters shoot straight up, covering the night sky and creating an array of dazzling rainbow masterpieces as far as the eye can see, each different in shapes and sizes and colors, constantly changing and manifesting into something just as beautiful as it was before.

The river continues to flow but the raft lies still in the middle of my heaven. In the foam produced by the crashing waters are millions of bubbles, growing and multiplying, slowly approaching my raft. They arrive and they embrace me. My body becomes light like a cloud and I realize I am inside this transparent sphere, seemingly strong enough to carry me. I begin to ascend above the water. I’m not afraid. Higher and higher I rise. I look down and watch as my one manned raft dissolves into the calmness of the river at the center of the raging waters, then, something emerges in its place.  It’s a reflection. It’s a reflection of me, and a reflection of all humanity as me!  All as one with no limitations, no barriers, no fear, no pain, no broken hearts, no suffering. I see only joy. This is God, whom speaks to me softly through the billions of voices in my reflection, uttering the words, ”You are so loved.”

Mesmerized by the beauty of God and creation, and not noticing the bubble has popped, humanity holds and protects me as I descend back into the water of the river. I awaken to a new world, back on track among civilization, only this time it’s different. The fear, the problems, the conflicts that once controlled the minds of people does not exist, it’s gone.

The River awakened me in my sanctuary, my reality, and introduced me to my soul, alive in my heart, reminding me how magnificent I am beyond measure in this new world of pure love.

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